The Bounty Program was launched in November 2020 by the Treasury Committee as a way to reward Index Coop members for contributions which meaningfully further the goals of the Index Coop.

Bounty Basics

Who can create them? Index Coop members who were rewarded for their Gold and Silver contributions to the Coop from the most recent reward distribution.

What are they? Bounties are bite-sized tasks that any community member can complete for $INDEX

Who are they for? While any community can pick up a bounty, we think they are especially a gateway for new community members to begin contributing to the Coop with a clear deliverable in mind.

Step-by-step to claim a bounty

  1. Check the Index Coop Bounties sheet or #đŸ’°bounties in Discord to learn of new bounties

  2. Contact the bounty creator to check if any other community members are currently working on the bounty

  3. Complete the bounty

  4. Contact the bounty creator directly with the bounty deliverables

  5. If the bounty creator deems the work acceptable, provide the bounty creator with your wallet address with which to receive the bounty reward.

At the end of the month, the Index Coop Treasury Committee will collate Index bounties to be included in the end-of-month reward distribution.

All paid bounties will be listed in the rewards distribution document posted at the end of the month for the community to see.

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