Community Management Roles

This is a space to define required community management roles.

Ongoing tasks:

1. Host New Joiner Calls [WEEKLY]

  • What? The new joiner call
  • When? Currently hosted once weekly?
  • Where? Discord:
  • Who? @oxmitz @afromac @erik

2. Monitoring/managing/responding Discord Channels [DAILY]

#introductions #bronze_owl_quest #new_joiner_orientation
  • What? Review the “Introduction" channel in Discord, welcome any new-joiners and encourage them toward the Bronze Owl Quest documentation if they wish to get involved. Also respond to any unanswered questions in Bronze Owl Quest and new joiner orientation quest. Helping new joiners through the quest.
  • When? Daily.
  • Where? Discord
  • Who? @oxmitz @erik @beeradley @pujimak_in

3. Create SESH bot events for upcoming COOP events [WEEKLY]

  • What? Each week we need to create SESH bot events for the New Joiner Call and upcoming COOP events.
  • When? Daily.
  • Where? Discord
  • Who? @beeradley

4. APAC Community Calls and meetings [FORTNIGHTLY]

  • What? APAC meetings
  • When? Biweekly
  • Where? Google Meets
  • Who? @pujimak_in

5. Review onboarding progress [ DAILY ]

  • What?
    • Check the onboarding submissions and emails sent
    • Check the call complete feedback form, review all feedback
    • Check for bronze owl quest completions
  • When? Daily
  • Where? CRM and data pages
  • Who? @beeradley

6. Additional ad hoc community tasks

All additional required tasks should be listed here in Notion.