Data Economy Index (DATA)
The Data Economy is an ecosystem of data-based products and services.

What is the Data Economy Index token (DATA)?

The DATA index is a basket of 7 tokens designed to provide accessible, passive exposure to the second largest Web3 sector, the data economy. The data economy is a digital ecosystem for collecting, storing, and selling data.

Where can I buy DATA?

What is the methodology behind DATA?

The methodologists behind DATA are he Titans of Data (Thomas Hepner and Kiba Gateaux). You can read more about DATA methodology and underlying tokens here on the Index Coop website.
Web3 Data Economy Index | $DATA | Crypto Asset Investment

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the contract addresses for DATA?
Is DATA on any Layer 2?
Where can I stake DATA?
Can I redeem the underlying tokens of DATA?
What is the fee split for DATA?
When/how often will DATA rebalance?
Are there any liquidity mining incentives for DATA?

Contact Us

Drop into the Index Coop Discord Server and search for the #DATA channel in the Products category. This is the fastest way to have a real person answer any questions you have.