Interest Compounding ETH (icETH)

Do you like ETH? Do you like yield? Meet icETH.

What is icETH?

Interest Compounding ETH (icETH) enhances staking returns with a leveraged liquid staking strategy. Built on Set's battle-tested leverage token infrastructure, icETH multiplies the staking rate for stETH while minimizing transaction costs and risk associated with maintaining collateralized debt in Aave. Token holders retain spot exposure to ETH and amplify staking returns up to 2.5x.

Where can I buy icETH?

What is the methodology behind icETH?

The methodologist behind icETH is Index Coop. You can learn more about icETH methodology here on the Index Coop website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I LP icETH?
What are the contract addresses for icETH?
Is icETH on any Layer 2?
Where can I stake icETH?
Can I redeem the underlying tokens of icETH?
What is the fee split for icETH?
When/how often will icETH rebalance?
Are there any liquidity mining incentives for icETH?

Contact Us

Drop into the Index Coop Discord Server and search for the #icETH channel in the Products category. This is the fastest way to have a real person answer any questions you have.