Market Neutral Yield Tokens (MNY)

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What are the Market Neutral Yield tokens?

The Market Neutral Yield tokens create sustainable yield by automating an advanced perpetuals trading strategy called a basis trade. These tokens generate yield from an asset's price difference on the spot market and the derivatives market.

What is the methodology behind MNY?

The MNY suite uses an in-house Index Coop methodology. Find out more about the methodology behind the MNY suite from the original product forum post or the Index Coop website.

Where can I buy MNY tokens?

  • Index Coop website: MNYe
  • Uniswap:
  • TokenSets (non-U.S. only) [Gas Efficient for smaller trades]:
  • TokenSets (Mint and Redeem via Exchange Issuance Module):
  • Matcha (DEX Aggregator):

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