What does this group do? The Growth Working group exists to identify, fund, and execute on growth initiatives to increase un-incentivized supply of Index Coop products. For example:

  • Drive adoption and Assets Under Vault (AUV) of Index Coop products by long-term customers

  • Build relationships between Index Coop and other teams in the ecosystem

  • Create sales opportunities for Coop products like $DPI to our target customers

  • Act as protocol politicians with other DAOs participating in their governance

  • Promotes across all platforms - Twitter, YouTube, conferences, podcasts, etc.

DM to Learn More:

  • @LemonadeAlpha

  • @Regan Bozman

Discord Channel: #💼growth

Core Docs: Experiment Dashboard

Routine meeting(s): Thursdays @ 12:00 pm PST// 8:00 pm GMT

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