New Joiner Process [Internal SOP]

This process SOP details the internal steps for managing new joiners through the onboarding process and bronze owl quest.

[ DAILY ] Monitor the introduction channel

New joiners should have already received a welcome message encouraging them to access the Bronze Owl Quest documentation and submit the NJ form. Upon submitting the NJ form, they receive an email and encouragement back to the second step of the Bronze Owl Quest.

[ WEEKLY ] New joiner call

Still to be run through Google Meets.
Steps below:
1. Login to the Owlie D Cooper email
([email protected] + fpw7vwv*mzt7vbe2TVX). You'll have to allow access to anyone not on the list trying to enter.
2. Access the event through Google Calendar
New Joiner Call [APAC]:
New Joiner Call [US]:
3. Prepare the slides and
  • Slides are here.
  • Slido Event:
    • ​Slido​
    • Login details: [email protected] - Fruitgum24.
    • Reminder, in advance of the session, clear all of the “votes” from the previous session (or people will see responses to polls which have already happened).
    • Launch slido at key points in the session (with the relevant slide). Typically if attendance is high, we use slido more. If there are less people, we keep it more of a discussion
4. At the end of the call:
  • Encourage participants to submit the feedback form. It's our way to record you attended the call.
  • Direct participants back to the Bronze Owl Quest documentation to continue their quest (which is getting involved in additional WG calls (the calendar is in the documentation).
  • Remind them the 'Bronze Owl Quest' channel is the space for support and questions.
  • There is a hidden 'wise owl' channel in discord. Give new joiners a hint. Finding this channel and selecting the owl emoji will upgrade them to copper owl!
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