BTC 2x Flexible Leverage Index (BTC2x-FLI-P)

BTC2x-FLI-P is native to Polygon

What is the BTC 2x Flexible Leverage Index (BTC2x-FLI-P)?

The Polygon-native version of the BTC 2x Flexible Leverage Index abstracts collateralized debt management into a simple index, reproducible by an ERC20 token built on Set Protocol. BTC2x-FLI-P enables you to get leveraged exposure to BTC using collateralized debt, without having to manage collateralized debt positions or monitor liquidation risks. BTC2x-FLI-P targets a long 2x exposure to BTC and employs a flexible leverage mechanism for optimal rebalancing outcomes.

What is the methodology behind BTC2x-FLI-P?

The methodologist behind the FLI is Pulse Inc. (DeFi Pulse).

You can find the methodology for FLI on or

What's the difference between BTC2x-FLI and BTC2x-FLI-P?

BTC2x-FLI is the original BTC2x product on Ethereum main net, while BTC2x-FLI-P is a distinct, Polygon-native product. You can find more information on how the two tokens are different in this article: Differentiating the BTC2x Products.

Where can I buy BTC2x-FLI-P?

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