Contract Verification

step-by-step guide for exploring and verifying smart contracts that support Index Coop products

Supporting contracts for all Index Coop products can be easily and independently verified through Etherscan. The following steps will take you through this process, starting with the token contract address for a given Index Coop product:

  1. For a given Index Token Contract under the “Contract” tab, select “Read Contract

2. Click “11. getModules” to see a complete list of enabled Modules for the Token Contract

3. Click “20. manager” to see the Manager contract for the Token Contract

4. From the Manager address under the “Contract” tab, select “Read Contract

5. Click “3. getExtensions” to see a complete list of enabled Extensions for the Manager and, by extension, the Token Contract

In the event that a connected contract does not have an official “Index Protocol” or "Set Protocol" label or name, please notify the Index Coop team via discord. In the absence of an official label or name, the “Code” option within the “Contract” tab will display the default name for the contract.

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