Index Coop Docs

DAO Treasury

A list of all wallets pertaining to the Index Coop Community Treasury
The following addresses represent all treasury accounts for the Index Coop DAO, and each account is controlled by a multi-sig.
Treasury Account
Long-term management of $INDEX tokens not allocated to contributors.
Ownership Account
Long-term management of $INDEX tokens allocated to contributors.
Investment Account
Long-term management of capital, predominantly stablecoins.
Operations Account
Management of day-to-day operations, such as contributor rewards and expense requests.
"Fast" Operations Account
Management of time-sensitive day-to-day operations, such as swaps.
Launch Support Account
Management of token launch enabling activities and partnerships
Engineering Account
Management of smart contract infrastructure, funded with ETH.
The following Zapper wallet bundles provide convenient overviews of all the accounts listed above.