CoinShares Gold Index (CGI)

⚠️Deprecated in May 2021: IIP-43 ⚠️

What is the CoinShares Gold Index token (CGI)?

The CoinShares Gold Index is a low-volatility index that utilises the concept of volatility harvesting through (a) forming an equally weighted basket of bitcoin and ether and (b) combining it with gold using weighted-risk contribution as a rebalancing mechanism. By decreasing volatility levels, it seeks to yield superior risk-adjusted returns when compared to a number of alternative strategies, including holding cryptoassets or gold alone.

What is the methodology behind CGI?

The methodologist behind CGI is CoinShares (The CoinShares Group).

You can find the methodology for CGI on

Where can I buy the CoinShares Gold Index token?

  • Due to insufficient demand, the CGI product is currently being deprecated.

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