Basic Issuance Module

The BasicIssuanceModule is a smart contract that enables issuance and redemption functionality on a SetToken for default-only positions.

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function issue(ISetToken _setToken, uint256 _quantity, address _to)

Deposits the SetToken's position components into the SetToken and mints the SetToken of the given quantity to the specified _to address. This function only handles Default Positions (positionState = 0). Components must be approved to this contract (BasicIssuanceModule) ahead of the issuance call.


function redeem( ISetToken _setToken, uint256 _quantity,address _to)

Redeems the SetToken's positions and sends the components of the given quantity to the caller. This function only handles Default Positions (positionState = 0).


function initialize(ISetToken _setToken, IManagerIssuanceHook _preIssueHook)

Manager only. Initializes this module to the SetToken with issuance-related hooks. Only callable by the SetToken's manager. Hook addresses are optional. Address(0) means that no hook will be called

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function getRequiredComponentUnitsForIssue(ISetToken _setToken, uint256 _quantity) view returns (address[] memory, uint256[] memory)

Retrieves the addresses and units required to mint a particular quantity of SetToken.

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