Set Token

The Set Token contract is an ERC20 token contract that allows privileged modules to make modifications to its positions and invoke function calls from the SetToken.

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function manager() view returns (address)

Returns the manager of the SetToken.


function getModules() external view returns (address[] memory)

Returns the list of modules a SetToken has enabled.


function getPositions() public view returns (ISetToken.Position[] memory)

Retrieves the positions in an array from the SetToken. A position definition is as follows:

     * The base definition of a SetToken Position
     * @param component           Address of token in the Position
     * @param module              If not in default state, the address of associated module
     * @param unit                Each unit is the # of components per 10^18 of a SetToken
     * @param positionState       The type of position denoted as a uint8
     * @param data                Arbitrary data
    struct Position {
        address component;
        address module;
        int256 unit;
        uint8 positionState;
        bytes data;


function getComponents() public view returns (address[] memory)

Returns the list of component assets in the SetToken.


function getDefaultPositionRealUnit(address _component) external view returns (int256)

Returns the component real unit of a Default position.


function getExternalPositionRealUnit(address _component, address _positionModule) public view returns(int256)

Returns the component real unit of an External position.


function getTotalComponentRealUnits(address _component) external view returns(int256)

Returns the total component real units of a position, summing the Default and External.

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