Diversified Staked ETH Index (dsETH)

With dsETH, users will have access to a sustainable, less volatile source of yield, while simultaneously contributing to the decentralization of the Ethereum network.

What is the Diversified Staked ETH Index (dsETH)?

The Diversified Staked Ethereum Index (dsETH) is an index token of the leading Ethereum liquid staking tokens: Rocketpool rETH, Lido wstETH, and StakeWise sETH2. The index methodology weights the component tokens according to their degree of decentralization.

Where can I buy dsETH?

What is the methodology behind dsETH?

The objective of the dsETH methodology is to give token holders diversified exposure to liquid staking tokens, with weightings that favor decentralized liquid staking protocols. To be eligible for inclusion, liquid staking tokens must meet all inclusion criteria, which center around security, transparency, liquidity, and client diversity. You can learn more about the dsETH methodology and underlying tokens here on the Index Coop Forum.

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Drop into the Index Coop Discord Server and search for the #dsETH channel in the Products category. This is the fastest way to have a real person answer any questions you have.

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