Governance Representatives

What is a GovRep?

GovReps are responsible for the facilitation of the Index Coop Governance process. Responsibilities of a GovRep include fielding requests for snapshot votes, reviewing and editing proposals, carrying out announcements for votes, and informing the community of any votes that might be short of quorum. As a GovRep, you are also expected to keep all relevant governance trackers up to date.

GovRep Process

Below is the outlined process for carrying out the GovRep role. Your two main tools will be the Index Coop Forum and the Index Coop snapshot. So ensure that you have the Moderator role on the forum, and that your ethereum address has been added as an author on snapshot. An Index Coop email address is also a requirement, as this will allow you to interface with our Notion databases without issue. Votes will be assigned to you by the GovOps Pod coordinator, and will be distributed to all GovReps throughout a season to ensure each GovRep is active in the role.

The checklist linked above is a granular step by step guide on going from Forum request to snapshot. You can make a copy, and check off each step as you go through the process each time. While using this checklist is not a requirement, it helps make sure that you don’t miss any steps of the process.

Below is a high level overview of the process:

1. Call to vote

The author of a proposal will make a call to vote on the forum, usually asking for an IIP number as well as a snapshot vote on a date of their choice. You are required to read through the proposal, ensuring that it follows the IIP Template, and makes technical sense.

It is the GovRep’s responsibility to check the IIP for language (spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc.) and fix any errors. Any changes that need to be made to the proposal itself must first be communicated to and approved by the author. After editing is complete, the proposal is ported over to snapshot, and queued for a vote on the day requested by the author, to be run for 72 hours.

2. Awareness

Once a vote has been queued on snapshot, GovReps are expected to communicate this information back to the author on the IC Forum post where the request was originally made. When the vote goes live, announcements are expected to be made through 3 main platforms i.e Discord, Twitter and Telegram. Discord announcements go to the ‘governance’ announcement channel, Twitter announcements are carried out on the ‘Coop Gov’ account, and Telegram announcements are made to the ‘IC announcements’ channel.

Follow up announcements are required for any snapshot votes that might be short of quorum, after 24 hour intervals of time. An announcement that quorum has not been reached has to be made after 24, 48 and 60 hours after the vote originally went live. Quorum announcements are expected to be made on all 3 of the main platforms i.e Discord, Twitter and Telegram.

3. Documentation

All information on IIPs is hosted on our Notion IIP Tracker. As a GovRep you are expected to fill out an entry for every IIP that you attend to, this includes information such as the vote name, links to the forum and snapshot; and once the vote is closed number of INDEX participated, number of voters, etc.

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