Index Improvement Proposals (IIP) Overview

What is an IIP?

An IIP is a proposal to update some function or standard within the Index Coop. IIPs can vary widely from proposing new Index products, to requesting funds from the Index Treasury, to performing Index Coop smart contract upgrades. The IIP proposal process largely follows the same behavior as Ethereum's EIP process.

The most up to date status on every IIP can be found in this github repository.

If you would like to submit a proposal to the Index Coop, check out the more detailed IIP contribution guide here.

This is a high level overview of an IIP lifecycle:

  1. Informal discussion on the Discord or forum.

  2. Forum Proposal/Github IIP.

    1. If the proposal has >90% agreement, it goes to a Snapshot vote.

    2. If not, then:

  3. Governance Call & Discussion

    1. If it passes, goes to a Snapshot vote

  4. Implementation by the parties involved with the improvement