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Welcome to the Index Coop!

Join our community and contribute to Index Coop's vision of building crypto products that unlock prosperity for everyone.

What is the Index Coop?

We’re a community of finance professionals, engineers, DeFi experts, meme-makers, content marketers, and crypto enthusiasts focused on making crypto investing simple.
Together we launch, grow, and maintain the most trustworthy crypto indices on the market.
Learn more about the 8 products the Coop supports today:

What are our goals?

  1. 1.
    Increase Adoption - Introduce and expand the adoption of index products to a broad audience beyond those already in DeFi today.
  2. 2.
    Become Market Leaders - Become the market leader of crypto index products by creating the best crypto indices on the market.

Index Token

The Index Token is our governance token and used to vote on the proposals at the Index Coop. These proposals can cover almost anything, including which products we launch and which Working Groups to fund.
It is also used to reward contributors and partners. There is a max supply of 10 million Index tokens which will be distributed as follows.
Currently, there is intrinsic value for Index tokens outside of the governance process. However, ultimately it will be up to the Index token holders to decide how they want their token to derive revenue.
You can find out more about the Index Token using the following link:

Want to launch a product with the Coop?

We want to collaborate with industry experts and thought leaders in the space to develop the best index products on the market.
To do that, we use our partner bounty program - which you can learn more about here.
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