Index Coop Docs

$INDEX - Governance Token

The Index Coop's native token.

What's the token for?

INDEX is a governance token used to vote in changes to the Index Coop. INDEX holders may vote in smart contract upgrades to the Index Coop, vote in new Index Coop products, vote on allocation of the Index Coop treasury, and more.
$INDEX token contract addresses for verification:

What is the distribution of the INDEX token?

A quick break down of the token distribution:
  • 1% allocated to the historical airdrop for DPI holders
  • 7.5% allocated to the Index Methodologist program over a period of 18 months (starting 60 days after launch)
  • 9% allocated to the 60 day liquidity mining program
  • 52.5% community treasury (with 5% available immediately and 47.5% vested over 3 years)
  • 28% allocated to Set Labs Inc
  • 2% allocated to DeFi Pulse

Do Set and DeFi Pulse own a >50% stake in Index Coop?

No. If we only include the 5% immediately vested treasury and exclude the rest of the treasury while also assuming that the index methodology tokens are paid out at a rate of 0.41% of allocated tokens a month over 18 months, this is what the split looks like:
Time Period (from launch)
Set and DeFi Pulse Holdings
Community Holdings
2 months
3 months
6 months
12 months
18 months
24 months
We strongly expect that the vested treasury will be distributed over time from very early on but even if 0% of the vested treasury is distributed, the community will still retain majority voting power up until 2 years after launch.

$INDEX Tokenomics

Currently $INDEX derives value by being a governance token used for voting on improvement protocols for the Index Coop (IIPs), deciding how we spend our treasury, and for meta-governance proposals relating to underlying tokens held in $DPI (and future index products).
$INDEX should be viewed as a ‘proof-of-work’ token as it is distributed to those who contribute to the progress of Index Coop (see above). We believe that focusing on decisions that benefit the Coop in the long term is what brings value to INDEX.
Up-to-date financial stats including price and market cap are available on our website.