Treasury Basics

Utilizing the Index Coop treasury is a work-in-progress.

Today, there are 2 groups that have the ability to reward contributors to the Coop with $INDEX:

  • Treasury Committee

  • Growth Working Group

Learn more about the treasury here: Index Cooperative: Treasury Dashboard (h/t @JDCook)

Treasury Committee

Formation: IIP-4 & IIP-10


Expansion: Expanding the Treasury Committee & Treasury Committee Member Vote

Purpose: Reward contributors in the monthly contributions round up, the newly launched bounty program, and future initiatives at the discretion of the Treasury Committee.

How to earn: Contribute to the Coop, take on and complete a bounty

Monthly rewards

Growth Working Group

GWG I ended Feb. 28, 2021

Formation: Launching a Growth Working Group

Purpose: The GWG will streamline current discussions around growth into a single forum and be responsible for approving, funding, and evaluating growth experiments. The overarching goal of the GWG is to increase AUM by increasing awareness of DPI, driving new customers to DPI, and retaining existing DPI customers

How to earn: Get your growth experiment approved & executed. Submit here 👉 Experiment Dashboard