Metaverse Index (MVI)
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What is the Metaverse Index (MVI)?

The Metaverse Index is designed to capture the trend of entertainment, sports, and business shifting to a virtual environment, with economic activity in this environment taking place on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the methodology behind MVI?

This is the first index product to be launched from within the Coop community and not with an external partner as the methodologist.
The two Community Methodologists managing the MVI are @Verto0912#9189 & @DarkForestCapital#6081.
You can find the methodology for MVI on and under the community proposal here: IIP-15 Metaverse Indexโ€‹

Where can I buy the Metaverse Index token?

    โ€‹Matcha (DEX Aggregator)
    โ€‹TokenSets (Buy / Sell) [Gas efficient]
    โ€‹TokenSets (Mint / Redeem via Exchange Issuance Module) [Slippage efficient]

MVI Resources

MVI Rebalance History

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