Product Onboarding Process

1. [Optional, but Recommended] A new product idea’s high level specifications and reasoning is proposed and discussed with existing community members.

  • Main discussions here should be oriented around market appeal and feasibility.

  • Such discussions may happen in 1:1 interactions with community members, publicly on the forums and Discord, or any other venue of choice.

  • While this step is optional, it may help the Methodologist save time and help in the construction of a successful application.

2. A Product Addition Application is completed and proposed to the Index Cooperative community in the Governance Forum.

  • The application structure is described in IIP-2 and can be found here.

  • The IIP must be live for 7 days before voting can occur.

  • The methodologist may modify the proposal during discussions.

  • We will host a call for the Methodologist to answer any questions from the community.

3. Decision Gate 1: Snapshot signaling FOR or AGAINST moving forward with Product Vetting Step.

  • Once proposal has been live for at least 7 days the Methodologist can request the start of snapshot voting. This will run for 3 days.

  • Because this is a signaling step to gauge community sentiment, it will not be subject to quorum requirements.

4. Product Vetting Step: All products that pass DG1 are reviewed by Coop teams.

  • Product Development and Business Analysis Work Teams review the proposal in detail with support from the methodologist and assess according to the prioritization rubric.

  • Each team will report progress every week via the weekly governance call.

  • Once each team has committed its review and agreed any modification with the methodologist.

    1. A “Final proposal to launch” will be made by a Coop community member and the methodologist.

    2. This will be a new forum post: “IIP-XX-Final”

    3. This will be the definitive version of the proposal and specify the Snapshot vote dates and a proposed product launch date.

  • If the review teams identify significant blockers that can not be avoided, then the Business and Product teams will recommend a “No” vote on Decision Gate 2.

5. Decision Gate 2: Vote on Product Addition

  • This is the snapshot vote to approve or reject the final product proposal.

  • Signals commitment by the Index Coop to launch the target product in a timely manner.

  • Per IIP-26, passing thresholds are

    • 10% or more of circulating tokens must participate

    • 60% or more must vote FOR

6. Product launch

  • Once DG2 has passed, the coop and methodologist will be expected to work together to launch the product in a timely manner.