People, Organization, and Community Working Group

What does this group do? People are the most important driver of organizational success. If Index Coop can recruit the right people, focusing them on the right things and enable them to work in the right way - we will create an environment where we can become a market leading billion dollar DAO. The POC-WG was formed to work within the three pillars of People, Organization, and Community as outlined below.

  • People

    • Identification of “People Needs” at the Coop and support filling vacancies to ensure we have the right people in the right jobs (high priority)

    • Anonymous Owl Pulse survey to identify pain points and opportunities for things we can do differently as a DAO.

    • Launch of the internship program, establishing Index Coop as a leader in talent development and equal opportunities within DeFi

    • Design and distribution of payment for Bronze Owls Quest focused on promoting key behaviours

    • Work with key community members to reimagine “Owl Levels” and the associated benefit packages required to attract and retain top talent. (Trust and impact in the Index Coop 3)

    • Defining and analyzing community health as understanding/measuring community health is essential to establishing long-term strategic vision at the Coop.

    • Research articles establishing Index Coop as a thought leader in the space on all things DAO community, organization and people

  • Organization

    • Development of planning and forecasting structures and processes to increase visibility of key milestones and priorities within the Coop

    • Continuous improvement of our meeting cadence, working rhythm and organizational structure

    • Index Coop process design and improvement (i.e. treasury process automation)

    • Explore and maintain operational assets that empower productivity. Improve the effectiveness of our existing collaboration tools.

  • Community

    • Hosting of weekly community webinars and AMAs content to build an engaged, informed and educated community base

    • Managing BAU for New joiners call to provide context, knowledge sharing and a sense of community for new contributors

    • Iteration and streamlining of the WG specific onboarding process to identify and funnel top talent to WGs requiring support

    • Setting up opportunities for us to connect as individuals and socialize as a community

    • Moderation of Discord and expanding the functionality offered by this platform (i.e. bot & roles)

    • Maintenance of internal learning resources and reference guides i.e. the Community Handbook

DM to Learn More: @Pepperoni_Joe

Forum Post: Proposal for the creation of the People, Organization and Community (POC) WG