Index Coop Docs

Discord Channels 📺

A guide to the structure of the Index Coop Discord
  • Start Here: New to Index coop? Contains the discord rules, useful resources and links to our socials
  • Announcements: Keep an eye out on this channel for any general information or news around the coop
  • 🦉General: Use this channel to message/share/ask anything
  • 👋Introductions: Introduce yourself! Who are you? Your background? How would you like to contribute?
  • 🙋Help: Need any help? Ask away
  • ♻️Share this: Index coop related posts to share on your socials!
  • 📰Media: Use this channel to share media coverage of the Coop & Coop products; as well as mentions from other major protocols
  • 🌾Farming
  • ⛔Report Scams
Products : Discussion channels for our various product offerings
  • 🦉INDEX: INDEX Coop governance token
  • 🟣DPI : DeFi Pulse Index Set
  • 🟡CGI: CoinShares Gold and Cryptoassets Index Lite Version Set
  • FLI: Flexible Leverage Index
  • 🎮MVI: Metaverse Index from Index Coop
  • 🛏BED
Community Events: Any upcoming community meetups or AMA's
  • 😎Community Initiatives
  • 👑Bronze Owl Quests: For cooper owls completing their quests as part of their new joiner process
  • 📈Price Discussion: General discussion around price of Index coop products
  • 😂Memes: Create or share one!
  • 🍺Off-topic: General chat around the community
  • 🗓Weekly Stand-up: Discussion around the weekly planning meeting on Mondays at 16:00 (UTC)
  • 🏭Organization : General chat
  • 🚧Jobs: Channel to post jobs or tasks that may require help
Projects & Initiatives
  • Cross-cutting: Initiatives that span across multiple work groups
  • 📹Video: General chat for video content creation
  • Investment Committee
Business Development Work Group
  • 📈Business Development: General Chat
Growth Work Group
  • 💼Growth: General Chat
  • 🧨Impression Mining: Earn a reward for promoting Index coop and our products!
  • Content Creation: This channel is used to manage the Coop content creation process, from Idea to Published
Creative Design Work Group
  • 🎨Design: Requests for design work
  • 👁Product: General chat for all our products
  • Liquidity Mining: General discussion of liquidity mining incentives for different Index Coop products
  • 💻Dev: General chat for developers
  • 📡Analytics: General chat for analytics
Treasury Work group
  • 🏦Treasury: General chat
  • 💡Meta-Governance: Governance proposals
  • 🏢Governance Work: discuss running & improving governance in the Coop. NOT actual governance proposals
  • 🌏Delegates: This channel is for community members to share their intention to become delegates, and to discuss anything relating to delegation.
  • Language-Ops: This channel is used to organize and discuss translation, localization, and internationalization work
    • 🇨🇳-Chinese
    • 🇩🇪-German
    • 🇪🇸-Spanish
    • 🇫🇷-French
    • 🇰🇷-Korean
    • 🇵🇹-Portuguese
    • 🇷🇺-Russian
    • 🇸🇪-Swedish