Index Coop Docs

Product Launch Process

Adding new products is the most complex, time consuming and critical part of the Index Coop’s operations.
When we get it right we grow the coops AUV, cash flow, and reputation. If we get it wrong we are risking the long term success of the coop. This document is part of the systems that will manage this process.
This document seeks to provide clarity, criteria, and process by which the community may propose and evaluate certain opportunities. As a community, one of our core values is growth and continuous improvement so we will be iterating on processes here in order to adapt them to the current state of DeFi, improvements in on-chain governance, and the scale of our community.

The Purpose of Launching New Products

  • Increasing Amount of Capital Managed by Index Cooperative: Index Cooperative is an asset manager creating structured products to provide unique risk/return opportunities for our customers. Our most analogous TradFi institution is BlackRock. As an asset manager, our success and leadership in the market is determined primarily by the amount of capital we control. While there are certainly important secondary characteristics, our TVL is a proxy for trust, brand power, and monetization opportunities.
  • Work With The Best Brands: DeFi is a new and emerging space whose design space is only constrained by one’s imagination. One of the most powerful aspects of having a DAO and an open community is the ability to coordinate some of the most brilliant minds to work together on launching groundbreaking products. As competition emerges among structured products providers, one of our most powerful moats as a community will be the brands and thought leaders that we can get to work with us in designing new products.
  • Scaling Up Our Ecosystem: DeFi’s infinitely composable architecture gives strong advantages to those who can cement themselves as integral and influential parts of other communities. The governance power we hold as a part of our products enable us to exert influence throughout the ecosystem. The integrations we have with other protocols incentivize the best builders to come join our community as opposed to any other. The more products we make leveraging existing protocols, the existing products we integrate throughout the ecosystem, and the future trends we anticipate, the bigger our ecosystem grows.