Index Coop Docs


Index Coop Website

The Index Coop website - Github repository for Mostly uses React Hooks + Typescript.

V2 Architecture

Set Protocol V2 Architecture Overview [Youtube] - Gain all of the context you need to start contributing to Set Protocol & Index Coop. Hosted by Felix Feng, CEO Set Protocol.

Smart Contracts

Set Protocol V2 Contracts - Smart contracts for Set Protocol V2 system. Includes protocol infrastructure like factory contracts used to create V2 Sets.
Index Coop Contracts - Deployment scripts and utils for the Index Coop manager and Index Coop products.

Set Docs

Set Protocol V2 Docs - Create, Issue, and Redeem Sets using the Set V2 system. Get a list of all of the Set V2 contract addresses on Kovan and Mainnet.


IIPS - Github repository for all IIPs. You should be able to find technical specifications for upgrades here.