Index Coop Docs

About Us

What does this group do? The engineering working group works on the technical side of Index Coop, on everything from front-end to smart contract engineering. For example:
  • Implements the community’s passed proposals
  • Maintains the quality of the tech the community uses
  • Create or improve Index Coop products via Set Protocol or other smart contract systems
  • Build interfaces to Index Coop smart contract products
  • Improve accessibility and decentralization of all Index Coop tech
  • Reviewing pull requests by other developers
  • Building community tools such as analytics dashboards and notification bots
  • Building infrastructure tools like subgraphs and automation scripts
DM to Learn More: @dylan
Discord Channel: #💻dev
Routine meeting(s): Wednesdays @ 1:00 pm PST // 9:00 pm GMT
Developer Rewards
Developers that contribute to any part of the Index Coop stack receive community grants from the Treasury Committee. If you have proven yourself and are committed, you can propose to get a part-time or full-time salary streamed to you from the Treasury.
Core resources:
Current related projects:
  • #set-subgraph