Index Coop Docs

Legacy Multi-sigs

A list of all wallets funded by the Index Coop Treasury or Treasury Committee

Major Index Coop Funded Wallets

Wallet Name
Wallet Address
DAO Treasury
Long term management of vested $INDEX tokens (not allocated to contributors)
Investment Account
Long term management of capital - mainly stablecoins
Operations Account
Day to day operations - payroll etc.
"Fast" Operations Account
Time sensitive day to day txns - swaps etc
Liquidity Account
POL and Hedging
Treasury Ownership
Management of $INDEX tokens reserved for allocation to contributors.
Engineering Multi-sig
Funded with ETH for maintenance and deployment of smart contracts
Funding Council Wallet
Growth Marketing Working Group
Growth Marketing WG "Mini-Sig" (Mainnet)
Growth Marketing WG "Mini-Sig" (Polygon)
Exchange Listing
Analytics Working Group
Creative Design Working Group
Business Development

Index Coop Community Treasury

This table lists all major fundings from the Index Coop Community Treasury.

Index Coop Treasury Committee

This table lists all major fundings from the Index Coop Treasury Committee
Working Group
Fund Quantity
Wallet Address
Growth Working Group
20,000 INDEX
Exchange Listing Wallet
100,000 USD (4017 INDEX)
Growth Working Group 2
13,069 INDEX (468k USD)
Analytics Working Group
1955 INDEX (70k USD)
KuCoin Exchange Listing Loan
5700 INDEX (200k USD)
Creative Design Working Group
2182 INDEX (82,500 USD)