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Talent, Operations, Change (TOC) Working Group

What does this group do? People are the most important driver of organizational success. If Index Coop can recruit the right people, focusing them on the right things and enable them to work in the right way - we will create an environment where we can become a market leading billion dollar DAO. The TOC-WG was formed to work within the three pillars of Talent, Organisation, Change.

TOC vertical and OKRs

Overview of TOC in Q4

To date, a broad range of activity has been undertaken and funded under the banner of “TOC”.
For Q4, these activities will be split into three distinct verticals which will operate semi-autonomously and be accountable to deliver against their respective objectives and initiatives.
  • Talent - Onboarding, recruitment and retention
  • Ops - Operations, Organization and DAO tooling
  • Change - Index 2.0 coordination & strategic initiatives
A major departure from the Q1 “People, Org and Community WG proposal is the removal of the broad “Community” from the focus of this proposal.
  • Community - any stakeholder in the DAO, from followers on twitter to our 7000 Discord members (20,000+ individuals)
  • Contributor - an individuals being compensated by a specific WG OR on a full time contract (around 80 individuals)
This proposal is laser focused on supporting contributors as a distinct aspect of a subset of our broader community.
In tandem, TOC is working @nic to develop a separate proposal for a community and culture guild which will be an alternative take on the traditional WG model using coordinate for funding. Note this is not about descoping community, but better drawing the distinction between initiatives focused on contributor related challenges vs a more holistic approach to building a culture and community.
Contributors: Hammad, Vanita, Mitzy, Mary, Eduardo
Other notes:: Given the Funding Council is likely to dissolve, it seemed sensible for contributors who are actively supporting the coordination and delivery of Index 2.0 to be funded through Talent, Operations and People WG.
DM to Learn More: @Pepperoni_Joe and @beeradley