Hello and welcome to the Coop 👋. We’re glad you’re here.Interested in contributing? We’ve laid out the Copper Owl Quest (formerly Bronze Owl Quest) below.
Should you accept and complete the quest, you’ll be positioned to contribute to the growth of one of the most exciting and vibrant communities and projects in the DEFI space.

[ Step 1 ] Complete the New Joiner Form

The new joiner form can be accessed here. This is a series of questions designed to ensure we point you in the right direction, aligning your skills and interests with the most suitable working group. Upon completion of the NJ form, you’ll be emailed a number of important pieces of information. Once you've submitted the form, you can continue to [ Step 2 ] below.
👉 Link to join the Discord channel (tbc)
    I've submitted the New Joiner Form

[ Step 2 ] Join the Discord Channel

Discord is where you’ll connect with different members of the Coop community, and where the different working groups will be coordinating a lot of the work. If you haven’t already, please join the Index Coop Discord channel, verify yourself and read the code of conduct and introduce yourself briefly in the 👋 Introductions channel.
    I've joined the discord server and introduced myself in the 👋 Introductions channel.

[ Step 3 ] Watch and read the orientation video and information

If you haven’t already, ensure you watch the orientation video and read through the orientation information so that you have a solid understanding of what the Index Coop is all about. Our goals, our products and our guiding principles.
Information about our products can be found in this Gitbook 👈🏽 under 'PRODUCTS'. Here are some links:
    I've watched the recording, read through the guiding principles and familiarised myself with the Index COOP products.

[ Step 4 ] Attend your live new joiner orientation call ☎️

Once you’ve watched and read the orientation video and information in [ Step 3 ] , please join us for a live new joiner call.
We run these calls weekly. You should have been automatically added to the event, so check your email and calendar.
If you have not received an invite, you can add yourself to the calendar manually. The process for doing this is explained on the "Meeting Calendar - Join us!" page.
    I've attended the live new joiner orientation call

[ Step 5 ] Join three Index Coop calls

Join three calls (not including the New Joiner Orientation call). You can find the calendar with all upcoming calls in the calendar here. Try to join a call specific to the working group you’re interested in, or a group specific to your region or interests.
The idea here is to get a feel for the working group(s) you feel most aligned with.
    I've attended three Index Coop calls
Please include the calls you attended in your tracking sheet.

[ Step 6 ] Review and comment on one forum post

The Index Coop forum can be found here. This is a space to discuss more comprehensive proposals, product implementations, roadmaps and announcements. Read through some recent posts (especially if they apply to your desired working group(s) or expertise) and leave a comment on one post.
The Index Coop forum can be found here.
Please include the calls you attended in your tracking sheet.
    I've reviewed and commented on one forum post

[ Step 7 ] Sign up to the view from the nest newsletter & follow us on Twitter

The newsletter signup can be found here. We'd also appreciate if you got social with the Index COOP by following us on Twitter.
The Index COOP newsletter and Twitter
    I've signed up to the newsletter and followed the Coop on Twitter* (optional)

[ Step 8 ] Complete the Copper Owl Quest completion form

Please submit the Copper owl quest form below. Once submitted, the team will review and update your status to Copper owl

[ Step 9 ] What's next?

To progress to a Bronze Owl, you need to embark on a journey of connection and contribution. Bronze Owl status is rewarded by the contributing community. You will need to contribute and be sponsored by existing owls within a working group.
Check out Notion for more information on each of the working groups
Join the public channels in Discord and keep a lookout for public calls.

Once we've reviewed, we'll notify you in Discord. Welcome to the Copper Owl club!

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