New Owl Quest
Hello and welcome to the Coop 👋. We’re glad you’re here.

[✅] Step 1 - Complete the Community Welcome App

Our new community welcome experience will gather a few contact details and walk you through how the Index Coop is structured. It takes 5 minutes max and automatically schedules you for our next Community Welcome Call with the Community Nest Team!
If you have not already completed, find it here 👉 Click Here To Get Started!

[ ] Step 2 - Confirm your spot at the weekly Welcome Call

If you completed the Community Welcome App from Step 1 you will already be scheduled for the Community Welcome call happening every week.

Look in the google calendar or mobile app associated with that email ➡ Find the calendar event in your personal calendar every Thursday 7pm UTC and ⬇

make sure your name is in this list.
If you don't find your name on the next Welcome Call guest list, reach out in the
discord channel and a Community Admin will get you added.

[ ] Step 3 - Subscribe to the Index Coop Community Calendar

Use the instructions on the calendar page below to subscribe to our calendar and check out the many weekly events that Index Coop puts on through discord, Twitter Spaces, live podcast tapings, and more! We are always bringing on exciting guests from across web3 and DeFi.

[ ] Step 4 - Join us in Discord

Discord is where you’ll connect with different members of the Coop community. If you haven’t already, please join the Index Coop Discord channel, verify yourself and read the code of conduct and introduce yourself briefly in the 👋 Introductions channel.

[ ] Step 5 - Learn about our products

If you haven't already, please take some time to familiarise yourself with our products. Information about our products can be found in this Gitbook 👈🏽 under 'PRODUCTS'. Here are some links:

[ ] Step 6 - Check out the Forum

The Index Coop forum can be found here. This is a space to discuss more comprehensive proposals, product implementations, roadmaps and announcements. Read through some recent posts and leave a comment on a post.
The Index Coop forum can be found here.

[ ] Step 7 - Follow us on Twitter & YouTube

We'd appreciate if you got social with the Index COOP by following us on Twitter.
@indexcoop - The Index Coop main Twitter account
@indexcoopDAO - All things DAO building related from Index Coop
@Coopgov - IIP vote announcements and education from Governance Nest

[ ] Learn how to Vote and Delegate your $INDEX

If you hold the $INDEX token become an active member of the DAO and help shape decisions through governance voting. Check out the voting page below for all the details on how to vote using Snapshot and important it is to delegate your vote so it never goes unused!