New Joiners

So you are interested in joining the Index Coop as a contributor? Here are the steps you should take to start providing impact at the Index Coop.

Step 1 - Complete the New Joiner Form

This can be accessed using this link.

Step 2 - Attend the weekly "Orientation Call"

Once you have completed the New Joiner Form. You will be invited to the orientation call which happens every Thursday alternating between 10am and 3pm UTC

Sides for the Orientation Call can be found here

Step 3 - Attend the weekly meetings

After you have attended the Orientation call, you should receive an invite to the Index Coop shared calendar.

If you have not received an invite, you can add yourself to the calendar manually. The process for doing this is explained on the "Meeting Calendar - Join us!" page.

Step 4 - Complete the Bronze Owl Quest

The Bronze Owl quest is designed to take you, step by step, through the key activities we expect contributors to undertake. This includes:

  • Introduce yourself on Discord channel "Bronze Owl Quest".

  • Complete Member Form (this is a different form to the New Joiner form)

  • Join three of the Index Coop calls (not including New Joiner calls) via the shared calendar.

  • Comment on one forum post with an insight or challenge.

  • Sign up to the “View from the Nest” newsletter

  • Vote in one governance Snapshot Or delegate your vote using this process

  • Complete a task for an Index Coop colleague, write one article, translate one blog or receive an impressing mining reward.

We are currently redesigning our Bronze Owl Quest submission process. Stay tuned for more details!