5+ ways to get involved
New to the Coop? Here are a number of easy ways to get integrated.
Get involved in the Discord
    Complete the Welcome Form so that we can point you to the best meetings & groups for you
    Introduce yourself in #introductions. Why are you excited about Index? What do you hope to contribute to the community?
    Ask a question
    Answer a question
    Welcome a new face in #introductions
    Check out #weekly-standup to see what folks are working on
Meet other Index Coop community members
    Subscribe to a community newsletter: View from the Nest
    Join any of the routine meetings, introduce yourself to the group!
    Reach out to an Index Coop member and get on a 1:1 call with them! Learn about how they learned about the Coop, their background, and what they do in the Coop.They’ll be happy to hear from you 🙌
Complete a Bounty
Become an "influencer"
    Through impression mining you can earn Index rewards by tweeting or making content about our products to garner “impressions”
Get meme-y
    Create a meme
    Share a meme in #memes
Go Global
    Translate Index Coop information into another language
    Check out #language-ops for more
Be Data Driven
    Create an account on Dune Analytics
    Fork a query or two and create your own dashboard
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