Earning & Claiming Index Rewards
How to earn and claim index rewards for your contributions

Earning Index Rewards

  • You do the work, then receive the reward based on impact.
  • Reward forms are submitted at the end of each month.
  • Copy the Monthly Contributions spreadsheet from 📆weekly-stand-up on Discord, complete, and post your link before the deadline.
  • Rewards are assigned in USD, and then converted in to INDEX tokens.
  • At the beginning of the next month, details of the rewards and bounties, including links, are posted on the forum: https://gov.indexcoop.com/c/organization/

Claiming Index Rewards

  • New contributors will be asked for an Ethereum address
  • This MUST be a web3 wallet address and not an exchange-based address
  • Rewards will be disbursed via Index Coop Safe Payroll, typically within the first week of the month following the period covered.

Disputing Rewards

  • If you feel like there are contributions that were missed, or you feel like there should be adjustments to the rewards amounts, please fill this form out.
Never give out your private key/phrases