The NFT Index (JPG) is a diversified portfolio of blue-chip and premier NFT collections. JPG provides exposure to the top NFT collections through a single liquid index token.

What is the NFT Index (JPG)?

JPG is an index token of blue-chip and premier NFT collections. The index is composed of fungible versions of NFTs including fractional and liquidity vault tokens, curation DAO tokens, NFT currencies, and wrapped NFTs.

Where can I buy the NFT Index?

Links to the different platforms/exchanges here.

What is the methodology behind JPG?

You can learn more about the JPG methodology and underlying tokens here on the Index Coop website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the contract addresses for JPG?
What are the contents of JPG? What are the valuations of the underlying NFT vaults?
What is the role of the JPG Governance Council?
Is JPG on any Layer 2?
Where can I stake JPG?
Can I redeem the underlying tokens of JPG?
What is the fee split for JPG?
When/how often will JPG rebalance?
Are there any liquidity mining incentives for JPG?
What happens when/if one of the vaults are auctioned?
Is there a risk of the token price deviating from underlying NAV (net asset value)?
Why does JPG include an underlying allocation of Ethereum?

Contact Us

Drop into the JPG channel in the Index Coop Discord Server. This is the fastest way to have a real person answer any questions you have.